Nighttime is the Right Time (Episode 45)

Back in our controversial “Praisegate” episode, Rabbi Pesach Wolicki asserted that the night – a symbol for times of suffering – is the wrong time to praise the Lord. But in this episode, he makes a 180 degree turn, and notes that the Psalmist calls out to G-d at ALL times, day and night. What’s the difference between calling out and praising? How do many translators miss the point when translating Psalms 116:2? And what does this teach us about the nature of our own prayers? Learn the answers – and get a description of Jerusalem Day in Jerusalem – on the latest Cup of Salvation podcast.

About the Podcast

Join David Nekrutman and Rabbi Pesach Wolicki for an in-depth discussion of Psalms 113-118, known as Hallel – Psalms of Praise. Why were these Psalms chosen for Jewish Holy Days? How are End Times prophecies fulfilled when we recite them? Uncover layers of meaning in Scripture you never knew existed. You will be amazed by the powerful messages that these Psalms contain for both Jews and Christians.

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